USA Under 20s Trio join The A-Team Sports

USA Under 20s players Lemoto Filikitonga, Christian Ostberg and Siliveinusi Tomasi have joined up with the A-Team Sports as they look to make an impact on the international rugby scene. The three players caught our eye from their genuine size and raw talent. With all three having limited rugby experience but coming from an American Football background it has given them a keen eye for running over opposition defence and a unique skill set.

A few names to watch in the future!


Lemoto Filikitonga

Height: 186cm
Weight: 111kg
DOB: 25/5/93
Position: Centre/Wing


Christian Ostberg

Height: 198cm
Weight: 110kg
DOB: 19/7/94
Position: Second Row
Passport: USA & EU


Siliveinusi Tomasi

Height: 186cm

Weight: 122kg

DOB: 18/2/93

Position: Prop